Founded ByRob Levin
Main IRC Channel#freenode
Notable Channels#Reddit, ##Wikia, #Wikipedia, #Ubuntu
IRCd Nameircd-seven
Max Users74,949
IRC Operators33

freenode is a IRC Network originally known as Open Projects Network is a popular IRC Network where people discuss peer-directed projects. Their servers are accesible through, whcih is a load-balancing rotation or IRC Servers. From 2010, freenode is the largest FOSS-directed network, with more than 70,000 users and 40,000 channels.

History Edit

freenode was founded as - as the network started with a 4-user channel called #LinPeople on EFnet, annother IRC Network. In 1995, It had its own irc network - In 1998 - LinPeople became the Open Projects Network (OPN) with 200 users under 20 channels. Soon the OPN grew and was the largest network for the free software community and the 20th largest in the world. In 2002, the OPN changed names again to freenode, and the Peer-Directed Projects Center became the legal umberella orginisation for freenode.

Characteristics Edit

freenode is special. All staffers have the exact same access to the network on all servers, and rather than a K-Line affecting one server, it is transferred across all servers, rather than a server being "linked", the servers are "donated" by volunteers.

As the Channels on the network are more directed towards peer-directed projects and open source communities, the more on-topic channels are those that do that. If a channel is not that, it is considred offtopic, and are under a different "namespace" of ## rather than the normal # namespaces, A example of a offtopic channel may be a user channel - like ##MH0 or ##Xd1358.